Introducing Grant Hogarth

I created Periap Associates in 2001 to offer a single point of reference for the educational, project management, and technical communication services and skills I offer. "Periap" derives from a conflation of perihelion and aphelion, the nearest and furthest points in an orbit around a star, thus encompassing the entire area of the orbit.

I am a senior writer, editor, and team leader with 17+ years experience in writing and editing all manner of documents. These include technical (including API/SDK and requirements), non-technical, and end-user material.  I also have a great deal of experience in managing projects of all sizes and complexity for companies of all sizes, from startups to companies in the Fortune 500.   

What I offer

My experience and skills as a consultant or a direct hire have enabled companies of all sizes to raise the presentation of their products and services to a superior level of quality and sophistication, and to do so within budget and on schedule.
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In addition to documentation tasks, I can assist your company in complying with the latest U.S. Federal government regulations and laws concerning information retention and destruction. If set up correctly, the additional workload to your company will be very slight — but if set up poorly, or not at all, could cost your company very large sums of money in a court case. Having a clear set of policies, procedures and audits will enable you to rest easy regarding your compliance liabilities.  My expertise can help you achieve that peace of mind.