References / Recommendations

Technical Writer, Xennsoft Inc.

“Grant is a talented, dedicated and well organized worker, skilled at understanding the customer requirements and the specific process needs that will make the customer experience positive. He is consistently up-beat and cheerful, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Grant again on any project.”

Lew Farrer, Project Manager, Xennsoft

“I am happy to recommend Grant for a technical writing position. He is responsible for creating the functional specifications for the projects that I manage. He always performs his duties in a professional manner with no supervision required. He is able to create usable functional specification even when the input documentation is incomplete. His ability to rapidly turn around changes greatly enhances my ability to manage changes as well as component, functional, and system testing. His proactive, positive approach to his duties makes him a pleasure to work with. I am please to recommend him for either contract or full time employment. I have enjoyed working with Grant and would be pleased to work with him in the future. He has anticipated my needs as a manager and provided useful suggestions for my projects.”
Victor Velivis, Project Manager, Xennsoft

“Working with Grant, I found him to be a Technical Writer that works hard to provide excellent documentation that is necessary for a developer to know what the application's look should be, and what the code should do to achieve the desired functionality despite ever-changing specifications from the clients. Grant is also thoughtful of others needs, and is willing to help others to accomplish their tasks, even if it doesn't fall within his fields of expertise.”
Bryan Millet, Web Developer, Xennsoft

Senior Technical Writer, Reuters / Equis International

“Grant is one of those people who ends up working with just about everybody in the company at one time or another. The scope of his work enhanced efforts by others, and the depth of his product knowledge was a resource unmatched by anyone else in the company. He was remarkable fast at his work, yet seemed to have the time to help others when needed.   He is easily worth 2 or 3 "average" people. No question about it, he is among the smartest, most capable people I have ever met.”

Paul Martin, Marketing Manager, Equis

“Grant is a hard worker and a brilliant technical writer. I recommend him highly, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines.” 

Jeff Gibby, Business Development Manger, Equis

“Grant is a very hard and detail-conscious worker, and someone who was always very thorough and quick in completing his assigned tasks. In addition, he is a great team player and always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. At Equis he was constantly looking for ideas outside of the box to help us gain more sales and create better campaigns.”

Alex Henricks, Marketing Coordinator - Events/Seminar Manager, Equis

“Grant is an efficient technical writer who is always willing to discuss changing work methodologies to accomodate working across different teams and continents. He is always interested in investigating new technical writing technologies.”

Rosalind Banwell, Senior Technical Writer/Project Leader, Reuters

“I enjoyed working with Grant a great deal. He is a knowledgeable individual that is competent with a wide variety of job functions in additional to technical writing. He has a nice personality and sense of humor, and I feel he is ideally suited to working in a team environment. I also believe he has the initiative and competency to work independently in a solitary position with limited supervision.”

Robert Dyer, Senior Software Engineer, Equis

Technical Writer II / Researcher, Novell, Inc. 

“Grant is an information bloodhound. Ask him to find information on any given topic and he will. He is easy to work with and takes feedback well. Given the need for someone with his talents, I would definitely hire him again.” 

Jennifer Rey, Manager, Common Solution Services, Novell Solutions Creation & Marketing, Novell 

“I worked with Grant Hogarth at Novell over a period of several months. During that time Grant provided me with detailed, timely, and highly relevant research for the rapidly evolving Linux market. His work was key to the successful completion of our Linux strategy development work.”

Basil Harris, Jr., Marketing Director, Enterprise Linux Solutions, Novell

“Over the year that we worked together, Grant was incredibly effective, and a trusted partner whether we were teaming 'virtually' or face-to-face. We were able to meet some crazy deadlines, and the website that he created provided value to many far-flung consultants.”

Carla Glassman IT Services Consultant & Contractor Novell

Senior Technical Writer (Contract),  Novell, Inc. 

“Grant is a reliable and skilled writer who has the ability to understand the technical language of the engineer, yet has the ability to pass the information smoothly to the user. I recommend Grant as an educated and intelligent addition to any project or team.”

David Nielson, President / CEO, DoxRight, LLC

Technical Publications Mgr., Technical Support Mgr., Training Mgr.    Onyx Graphics Corp.

“Grant is an excellent technical writer and a strong contributor to any team. He strives to do his best at any task and has deservedly won many awards for his excellent work.”

Bob Hartley, Vice President of Engineering, Onyx Graphics

“Grant was originally hired as a technical writer, but soon was assisting with technical support, training and field installations. He created and staffed the technical support department and formalized the training curriculum used company-wide. His work produced industry recognition due to its quality and professional look and feel. He was a great person to work with.”

Douglas Turnquist, CFO, Onyx Graphics

Technical Writer, Frame Technology, Inc. 

“Grant was a very valuable, strategic team member in creating documentation for FrameMaker while I was that product's product manager. Grant was very proactive in seeking out user needs and was very attuned to the need to beta-test documentation. I found him to be an excellent content creator and editor who swiftly produced results under tremendous pressure. I especially appreciated his ability to quickly grasp new goals or objectives. I would be happy to work with him again.” 

Maxwell Hoffmann, Product Marketing Manager, Frame Technology

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