I am a senior-level resource who is comfortable interacting with all levels of corporate hierarchy. Skilled in clear writing, indexing, document architecture, writing for the Web, research, publication design, conceptual illustration, and interface design, I am known for having a wide range of knowledge and the ability to create award-winning documents.

The links to your left allow you to see the nature and breadth of my writing and managerial experience; if you have any questions —or wish additional information on a position— please ask me.

My background beyond Technical Communication

Prior to becoming a technical writer, I grew up working in construction, and then worked for a dozen years in professional and regional theater as a technician, designer, and administrator.  I did this in Vancouver BC, Montclair NJ, and Los Angeles CA, and studied at  Simon Fraser University, the Banff School for Performing Arts, the University of British Columbia, and the Hilberry Theater at Wayne State University in Detroit MI.