This page provides an overview of my writing & editing experience and skills.

Author and/or Lead writer for 

  • Over two dozen software and hardware user and reference guides
  • Multiple installation cards, quick-start books, and other materials 
  • Online documentation in various formats 
  • WinHelp-based help for several Windows products
  • WebHelp-based help for several Windows products
  • XHTML-based help for a web-based product 
  • HTML-based help for a web-based product 
  • Training course for a web-based banking product 
  • Multiple API and SDK documents
  • Corporate training and reference materials, including policy
    and procedure manuals 
  • Three web-based training courses 
  • A Federal Government (DoS) proposal bid 
  • A newsletter column covering project and team management

Designer and/or Author for

  • User Interface specifications for a web-based product
  • A Federal Government (DoHHS) proposal bid
  • Navigational hyperstructures for over 30 electronic documents
  • Corporate product development standards using the Rational
    Unified Process 
  • Multiple web sites 
  • Assorted marketing pieces

Editor for

  • Several software manuals
  • Multiple corporate executive letters and presentations
  • Multiple marketing and packaging materials
  • Major regional writing journal (Poetry editor)

Indexer for

  • Over 20 software manuals 
  • Multiple (140+) WinHelp systems

Analyst for

  • User and audience needs
  • Competitive product evaluation
  • Storyboarding product interface and use